3D and 4D Visualization

We use industry-standard software and a flexible approach to build 3D and 4D visualizations of your project’s structures.

Presenting complex data in a clear and efficient visual format

Crucial 3D structures can be difficult to visualize simply from 2D images. SMA can provide 3D visualization to help with this problem.

3D models of individual pieces of the structures to be built are constructed in CAD software to the exact specifications provided by the design/drafting team. As in the real structure, the model pieces can then be arranged into structures of increasing complexity.

We can also add a fourth dimension (4D) to the visualization: time. Video replay of a construction sequence can be an invaluable discussion tool, providing great project insight.

Visualization can also be key in helping decision-makers understand study results and providing insight into key performance indicators to help track the impact of changes in processes. SMA has developed dashboards for many complex capital projects, like Edmonton’s LRT projects, serving numerous purposes.

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