We provide support for both internal and external communication, bringing about project success.

Sharing meaning: clearly, efficiently, concisely

Communication, both internal and external, forms the basis of any successful project. SMA brings our experience in developing Public Involvement Plans, report-writing, and coordination of resources to help our clients develop communications strategies for projects of varying size and intricacy.

It can be challenging to communicate the complexity of projects to the public and to know how best to capture public concerns and feedback. It can be equally challenging to ensure that all internal project stakeholders are kept informed in a timely and efficient manner. We can help to facilitate those conversations. Throughout all of the services we offer, we focus on providing information that is relevant, at the level of detail required for each level of stakeholder, and in a format which best facilitates understanding.

Not only are we experts in numerous¬†communications techniques and tools, but we also have the technical expertise in engineering to ensure that the project’s key messages are communicated¬†accurately to all those involved, both internally and externally.

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