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Know what You Don't Know: Handling Uncertainty in Capital Projects

Confronting and managing uncertainty

Risk and probabilistic cost estimating will help you understand, predict, and communicate the uncertainty in your project


Quantifying Uncertainty in Simulation Modeling

Jace Thibault
Proceedings of International Structural Engineering and Construction, 2020.


Simulation-Based Framework for Construction Delay Analysis

Muaz Fagiar
7th International Construction Specialty Conference jointly with the Construction Research Congress, 2019


Structural Deterioration Modeling Using Variational Inference

Monica Birkland
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 2019


Mass Data Analysis Using Variational Inference

Monica Birkland
10th International Forum on Engineering Decision Making, 2018


Corrosion Growth Modeling Based on Mass In-Line Inspection Data using Variational Inference

Monica Birkland
12th International Pipeline Conference, 2018


A Simple Methodology for Standardizing Decision Criteria across a Value Management Program

Holly Parkis
SAVE Value Summit, 2017


Spatio-Parametric Rail Risk Assessment for Developments near Freight Rail

Nadia Porter and Jesse Kostelyk
CSCE Leadership in Sustainable Infrastructure, 2017


Using Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) to Evaluate Risk of Infection of Workers at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Holly Parkis, Rasha Maal-Bared, and Tami Wetmore
National Water and Wastewater Conference, 2016


Two-Way Integration of 3D Visualization and Discrete Event Simulation for Modeling Mobile Crane Movement under Dynamically Changing Site Layout

Muaz Fagiar
Journal of Automation in Construction, 2016


Modelling Distinct Breakdown Events for a Tunnel Boring Machine Excavation

Michael Werner
Winter Simulation Conference, 2015


Updating Geological Conditions Using Bayes Theorem and Markov Chains

Michael Werner
Winter Simulation Conference, 2015


Capitalizing on Visualizing Complex Systems Using Distributed Simulation Approach

Muaz Fagiar
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality, 2015


Transition Experiments in Amsterdam: Conceptual and Empirical Analysis of two Transition Experiments in the WATERgraafsmeer program

Nadia Porter
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2015


Simphony: a next generation simulation modelling environment for the construction domain

Simaan AbouRizk, Stephen Hague, Ronald Ekyalimpa, Sean Newstead
 Journal of Simulation, 2014


Edmonton Completes 1.2 km $44M Sanitary Sewer Tunnel Project

Mohammed Al-Bataineh
Env. Science and Engineering, 2014


Beyond Classic Models – Design and Development of comprehensive Earthmoving Simulator

Muaz Fagiar
14th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality, 2014


Integrating Risk Analysis with Earned Value to Improve Project Cost Forecasting

Jesse Kostelyk
CSCE Conference, 2013


The use of @Risk in cost and schedule range estimating on Major Infrastructure projects in Edmonton

Jesse Kostelyk
Palisades Conference Las Vegas, 2013


Practical Application of 3D/4D Modeling and Process Simulation in Construction

Mohammed Al-Bataineh
13th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality, 2013


Using Simulation to Plan Tunnel Construction

Holly Parkis, Mohammed Al-Bataineh, and Simaan AbouRizk
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 2012


Improving Risk Analysis in the Construction Industry

Jesse Kostelyk and Hala AbouRizk-Newstead
CSCE Conference, 2011


Analyzing Transit Tunnel Construction Strategies using Discrete Event Simulation

Hala AbouRizk
Winter Simulation Conference, 2011


Understanding Withdrawal Behavior in the Construction Industry

Hala AbouRizk
ASCE Construction Research Congress, 2010


Applying Computer Simulation Technology to Study Employee Withdrawal Behaviours within the Construction Industry

Hala AbouRizk
ASCE Construction Research Congress, 2009.

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