Value Analysis

Proven tools for reducing costs without sacrificing function

Do you want your projects to cost less and be more successful? We can help your team identify the root causes of cost increase and drive efficient solutions—without sacrificing what’s most important. Don’t settle for harmful and ineffective cost-cutting. Our techniques have helped our clients save billions of dollars while actually improving their outcomes.

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SMA’s Value Analysis process (also called “Value Engineering”) brings together a multidisciplinary team to focus on what’s important and how to deliver it more efficiently. Our workshops are delivered by highly experienced certified professionals following SAVE International’s standards. We draw on an array of advanced tools, techniques and academic research developed over the past two decades. Our Value Analysis workshops get real results in real time.

Value Analysis is for:

Owners who want lower-cost and higher-performing projects, services, or processes

Designers who need a way to find savings without compromising on vision

Contractors who are looking for ways to optimize ongoing projects

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For more information on how Value Analysis can help your project perform, check out our whitepaper.

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