Constructability Review

SMA’s in-depth analysis of project design ensures an on-the-ground perspective for a thorough identification of key issues.

Proactive analysis of issues a project could face before they come up

The objective of a constructability review is to perform an in-depth analysis of the design from the contractors’ perspective. In essence we attempt to answer the question: “Can this project be constructed as it is represented in this design?”

SMA’s constructability reviews scrutinize project design and define project components, construction methods, site layout and access, construction sequencing and scheduling, and other issues pertaining to construction.

Our multidisciplinary team approach, following the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) guidelines, helps you to identify key issues which need to be addressed. Our detailed analysis considers project designs from the perspective of those who will actually be building them.

SMA’s facilitated workshops incorporate participant feedback on achievable productivities and methods of construction.

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