Claims & Dispute Engagement

Do you have the contract management and analytical support you need to succeed?

Claims & Dispute Engagement includes both offensive and defensive strategies. Preparing or defending against claims requires an in-depth understanding of project records, contract, background and documentation, and legal advice. Working proactively to avoid claims is ideal: the team can evaluate risks up-front and ensure they are being appropriately handled in the contract, and that project information is meticulously recorded should a claim arise in the future.

We offer many levels of support, from advisory to full-team engagement.

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Well-developed contracts can help to minimize disputes. When these are clearly set up, mutually agreed upon, and adhered to by the parties, they provide processes for maintaining relationships and achieving project success. Even with the best contracts, however, disputes can still happen and project teams should be fully prepared.

Claims and disputes are becoming more common and more complex. Owners need to manage, negotiate, and prevent claims and disputes to avoid cost overruns.

Prevention is the best medicine. Contract review, claims readiness and proactive preparation, and maintenance of critical support documentation are vital. We can train or provide support.

Custom schedule and dispute tools. SMA has our own in-house cloud computing solution to store, link, and analyze the combination of schedule and project documents needed for dispute resolution.

We offer strong analytical methods. Our suite of services include detailed analysis, expert strategic advice, forensic schedule analysis, and simulation modeling to explore “what if” scenarios.

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