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Our commitment to quality is deliberate and methodical.

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Ensuring that all project processes and deliverables are delivered to a standard of high quality and in compliance with project contract is the main objective of quality assurance for a project. In order to achieve this, there is a need for integrity and completeness of the specifications, as well as effective and consistent quality control during the duration of the project. We allocate time and resources to establish quality metrics and quality management plans at the start of the project to monitor and track them during the execution and control phases, and to fix any product defects and process inadequacies as they are found.

SMA’s Quality Planning identifies which standards are relevant to the product, the project plans, and the quality processes, and then determines how to satisfy them most effectively. Based on the project quality management plan, we conduct quality control and quality assurance to ensure that the products and processes comply with the defined specifications and plans.

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