Mill Woods Double Barrel Project

SMA provided a wide range of services for the installation of storm tunnels designed for flood relief.

Project overview

Installing storm tunnels designed to reduce the risk of flooding in a highly populated neighbourhood.


Edmonton’s Mill Woods neighbourhood experienced severe flooding in 2004 and 2012 and remains at considerable risk of flooding. The City decided to install two storm tunnels and to convert an existing 2770 mm double barrel tunnel into a sanitary sewer. The objective was an upgrade of the drainage system to reduce risks of flooding in this highly populated region of the city.


The project has encountered several major challenges, including poor ground conditions, which have led to complex options analyses for identifying feasible solutions. SMA has been at the forefront in providing support to the decision-making efforts of the City during preliminary and detailed design phases as well as in project controls during construction.


In support of this project, SMA has provided numerous services throughout, including PDRI, estimating, scheduling, project controls, resident engineering, simulation modelling, risk management, constructability, and Value Engineering and options analysis facilitation.

Key project features

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Relevant services

Value Engineering

By supporting quantitative project creativity and decision-making, we’ve helped dozens of construction projects save money and maximize value.


Risk Analysis and Management

SMA’s robust risk analysis approach has helped hundreds of teams identify and mitigate risks before they are realized.


Project Controls

SMA’s award-winning, research-based experience with project controls keeps your project on track from start to finish.


Constructability Reviews

SMA’s in-depth analysis of project design ensures an on-the-ground perspective for a thorough identification of key issues.


Simulation Modeling

We can give project managers insight into the real issues facing a project’s productivity by building it virtually first.


Resident Engineering

Providing a third-party support to projects, ensuring that the structure in the field matches the design on the page.


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