Walterdale Bridge

Replacing an iconic 100-year-old bridge

Project overview

Edmonton’s Walterdale Bridge, which had faithfully served pedestrians since 1914, was in sore need of an upgrade. City officials decided that the bridge had reached the end of its service life, and elected to replace the existing bridge with a gleaming new arch bridge, a memorable gateway into Edmonton’s downtown.


The project had particular historical and cultural significance, being located in an area that once held a cemetery and traditional burial ground. This required ongoing consultation with First Nations communities on respectful approaches to the process.


SMA provided supplementary engineering services for this complex and high-risk project. Working assiduously with the City, we produced a detailed risk analysis. Linking all risks with work packages, we ran a Monte Carlo simulation on an integrated cost, schedule, and risk model. Our workshop facilitation ensured a flourishing collaboration between various consultants and city departments.


SMA helped develop an all-inclusive, long-range picture of all the risk issues affecting the project. The risk management plan we originated helped identify and address serious risks on the project, such as the Aboriginal consultation process. Moreover, SMA’s risk management greatly aided the City in complying with the auditor’s requirements for reporting.

Key Project Stats

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Relevant services

Range Estimating

Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Risk Analysis and Management

SMA’s robust risk analysis approach has helped hundreds of teams identify and mitigate risks before they are realized.


Constructability Reviews

SMA’s in-depth analysis of project design ensures an on-the-ground perspective for a thorough identification of key issues.


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