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Walterdale Bridge

Edmonton’s Walterdale Bridge, which had faithfully served pedestrians since 1914, was in sore need of an upgrade. City officials decided that the bridge had reached the end of its service life, [...]

Metro Line LRT Project Controls

The latest chapter in the ambitious development of the City of Edmonton’s public transit system witnessed an expansion to Edmonton’s light rail transit (LRT) system.

Gateway Boulevard Heavy Rail Risk Assessment

The City of Edmonton aimed to expand through city infill and densification, rather than through potentially costly urban sprawl. An area of undeveloped land, adjacent to the CP Rail line and yard [...]

Metro Line Drainage Projects: Storm Tunnel

During construction of Edmonton’s new Metro Line LRT, a need arose for a storm tunnel to be constructed at the MacEwan station portal, where the train would return to street level. This tunnel [...]

West Edmonton Sanitary Sewer – Stage W12

Edmonton’s Clover Bar Lagoons currently hold enough solids to cover 300 CFL football fields one metre deep and about, every two months, they receive enough to cover another 10. The lagoons are at [...]

Metro Line Drainage Projects: Double Barrel Tunnel

SMA Consulting assisted the City of Edmonton’s Drainage department on the W13 project by providing innovative decision support, including risk analysis and value engineering workshops, [...]

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