New Research Published by SMA Claims Expert

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We would like to congratulate Dr. Muaz Fagiar on his latest publication, “Simulation-Assisted Project Data Integration for the Development and Analysis of As-Built Schedules,” published on 6 April 2023 in Buildings MDPI.

Dr. Fagiar’s article addresses the importance of as-built schedules as a tool for evaluating contractors’ schedule performance and analyzing delay and lost productivity claims. Unfortunately, construction schedules are seldom updated frequently or accurately enough, which limits the availability of as-built schedules. In addition, there are high costs associated with the retrospective development of as-built schedules as reliable project data becomes available. To address these problems, Dr. Fagiar’s study proposes a simulation-assisted modeling approach that automatically processes and integrates progress data and develops as-built schedules at the activity level.

The study, which aims to facilitate the development of as-built schedules for the analysis of delay and time extension claims, focuses primarily on as-built development, but was part of a larger research aimed at improving delay analysis practices.

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